Risk Management and Generative AI: A Matter of Urgency

Risk Management and Generative AI: A Matter of Urgency

Article Jim Wetekamp, CEO Riskonnect

Only 9% of companies believe they are adequately prepared to manage the risks of generative AI.

Organizations are still figuring out what generative AI safeguards are needed. In fact, only 17% of organizations have formally trained or briefed their entire company on generative AI risks. But it’s in organizations’ best interests to take control of AI governance and risk management – and soon.

Over half of workers currently using AI at work are doing so without their employer’s approval. Employees crave the efficiency that these tools deliver. In many cases workers aren’t waiting for employers to figure out their policies before using these tools at work, which opens organizations up to risk. Another 32% of employees expect to incorporate generative AI into their workflow soon, which suggests employee adoption will continue regardless of company oversight.

Now is the time to put guardrails in place to ensure your company can use the emerging technology as a value and efficiency driver instead of fearing it as a source of risk.

There are several steps companies can take several steps now to enable staff to embrace generative AI while protecting the business from potential dangers.

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